The SURVEY on Disneyland online and in-person sociality is now closed. Thank you to the 600+ SoCal DL fans who participated!

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Playful Sociality

Welcome!  I am a PhD candidate in the Media Department at the University of Adelaide in Australia. This site currently focuses on my research concerning playful sociality at theme and amusement parks, particularly Disneyland, in Southern California. Post-doc research will look at regular  online and in-person playful sociality at game stores, nightclubs, and festivals (music, county fairs, Ren Faires, etc).

My dissertation explores the intersection during the last 25 years of Disneyland online and in-person sociality for Southern Californians within the evolving historical context of community playful places from Roman Saturnalia, medieval festivals and carnivals to pleasure gardens, mechanical amusements and theme parks, and online social platforms from Usenet to web discussion boards to social media that have amplified, abetted and challenged the nature of audience, content, governance, ownership, and business models.