Playful Sociality

Aside from hazy childhood memories on a Walt Disney World family trip, I was a Disneyland novice for my first visit in 2008. To prepare, I searched the Internet for tips and advice, and stumbled upon fan websites that contained a wealth of useful information and knowledge. This piqued an interest in Disneyland, and other playful places, that eventually fused with a longstanding interest in online and in-person sociality. A number of years after this initial spark, I put together a PhD proposal and fortunately received a scholarship from the University of Adelaide in Australia. I have presented at international conferences in Denmark, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and United States. My recent academic journal publications related to Disneyland include:

"The first and last signs of Main Street: Semiosis and modality at the Hong Kong and California Disneylands" in Social Semiotics, Vol. 28, No. 4, pp. 443-471 (2017)

"'Authentically Disney, distinctly Chinese' and faintly American: The emotional branding of Disneyland in Shanghai" in Semiotica (accepted, in-queue for publication in early 2019)

"Meet Me on Main Street: Disneyland as Place Attachment for Southern Californians" in Tourism Geographies (accepted, in-queue for publication in 2019)

Besides my dissertation, I am currently working on journal articles about "Disneyland marketing strategy (not) through the gift shop," as well as a feature piece on the fiction that inspired each themed section of Disneyland. My social media contacts are in the footer. I'm  active on Instagram, but not much on Twitter. Hope to get a YouTube channel started later in early 2019 after finishing the first draft of my dissertation. When I'm at the park, you can come meet me down on Main Street, my favorite Disney land. :-)

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